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Dr. Yaqub is one of the renowned Unani doctor in east Nagpur. He has 15+ years of experience in diagnosing and treating various health issues across all age groups. He has medical experience across preventive health care, Pain management, Hair, Skin and immunization. He is also providing HIJAMA (Cupping therapy) from a decade. He is proficient in treating infectious diseases, allergic diseases, sexual disorders, pain management and lifestyle related health disorders.

Dr Yaqub has relentlessly worked since last 15+ years for preventive health. He practices what he preaches. He is an icon of vitality, health and positive energy. He follows a strict fitness regime which has won him many accolades and awards at various cricket matches, marathons, cycling and races. He is an image of youth, vigor and inspiration to all his patients.

He motivates and encourages people to be aware of increasing diabetes and heart diseases in India and abroad due to lack of exercise, faulty diets, excessive stress and preventive health check-ups.



Cupping therapy is one of the oldest and most effective method of releasing the toxins from body tissue and organs. It is also known as vacuum cupping, hijama cupping, horn treatment etc. It is a practice in which the therapist puts special cups on the skin to create suction. This causes the tissue beneath the cup to be drawn up and swell causing increase in blood flow to affected area. Enhanced blood flow under the cups draws impurities and toxins away from the nearby tissues and organs towards the surface for elimination


1. Faster Pain Relief
Cupping can relieve pains due to arthritis, lower back pain etc. Other forms of pain that can be effectively treated with Cupping include headache, migraine, dental pain, muscle pain, sciatica etc.

With arthritis, cupping is done with the concerned joints. Cupping increases blood circulation and mobility, therefore it is an effective treatment for conditions like rheumatism, lumbago, stiff neck and shoulders.

2. Get Rid of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
In our fast-paced world, there is little time for rest and rejuvenation. Even if we find the time to take physical rest, we are mentally overloaded with digital distractions like smartphones, laptops etc.

All of this can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. This can be a long-standing form of fatigue. Hijama or cupping is an effective treatment for this condition.

3. Relief from Lung Diseases
Cupping is an effective treatment for lung diseases like chronic cough, asthma, bronchial congestion, and pleurisy.

4. Keeping the Skin Healthy
Often the health of your skin directly reflects what is happening inside your body. Cupping improves the skin blood flow and thereby increasing the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients required for healthy skin. It is also helpful in reducing the recurrence of acne and other skin diseases like eczema, cellulite etc. Cupping therapy also helps to expand the blood vessels to facilitate blood flow and also remove toxic substances from the skin surface.

5. Relieving Digestive Problems
Cupping helps to relieve digestive problems caused due to chronic stress, malnutrition or immune system response.

6. Healing Urinary Diseases
Cupping therapy can be used for the treatment of urinary diseases like kidney stones, urine retention, and abscess. Urine retention is treated by applying the cups to the lumbar region.

7. A Way of Relaxation
Cupping also acts as a form of massage that provides relaxation. The energy and blood flow created due to cupping is a good form of relaxation.

8. Faster healing
Strategically using cupping can increase the blood flow to specific areas that need healing. The increased blood and energy flow will lead to faster healing.

For most people cupping therapy is a really great experience. There are countless health benefits for cupping. Also, it can be a very relaxing and relieving experience.


Unani medicine is a form of alternative medicine with origins dating back to several thousands of years. With foundations based on the teaching of Hippocrates and with contributions from some great Greek philosophers like Galen and Razes, this system of medicine was further developed in the middle ages by the Persians and Arabs.

We provide effective Unani medicines for:

Fundamentals of Unani Medicine

Unani medicine is based on the principle that the key elements fire, air, water and earth collectively play a vital role in maintaining a person’s health. It is believed that diseases result due to the imbalance of these four elements. Furthermore, the body obtains its nourishment from four humors namely: blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile. These humor need to be in equilibrium to maintain a healthy state.

How does Unani treatment work?

Pulse examination plays an important role in diagnosis, and several features like size, strength, speed, consistency, fullness, rate, temperature, regularity and rhythm are noted. Urine and stool inspection is also performed when required.

Unani treatment can be divided into four types of therapies:

1. Regimental therapy (exercise, massage, Turkish bath, etc.)

2. Dietotherapy (Specific diet plans)

3. Pharmacotherapy (Drugs are mainly plant based. Some are also of animal and mineral origin)

4. Surgery


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